18 Aug 2014

Workout Routine

Hold for 30 seconds - repeat twice

This has to be my most requested post, so without further a due here is my work-out routine. If I am perfectly honest, I both hate and love exercise but this small work-out routine is something I try and do everyday either in the morning or evening. This is a purely strength based workout routine, but I would do this with some cardio (cross-trainer, spin class or run) 3 times a week to keep up your fitness. Sit-ups or stomach exercises are by far my favourite and what I find the easiest to do. What does your exercise routine look like?

Raise your leg and  bring it back down without touching the ground - 3 reps of 10
Hold a 3kg weight at arm's length and reach up so your back is at an angle - 3 reps of 10
3 reps of 10 with a 3kg weight for each of my arms
With a 3kg weight in each hand, extend one of your legs as far as you can and lunge - 3 reps of 10 (each leg)

15 Aug 2014

School's Out

Dress worn as Skirt by Zara; Top by H&M; Trainers + Socks by Nike

Sport-chic has to be up there with some of my favourite trends. For a girl who works in fashion and spends almost all her working week in her Louboutins, having the chance to wear trainers all weekend is heavenly - and trainers need not mean tom-boy (though I have no problem with that, being a self-confessed tom-boy myself) it is finally acceptable to wear a leather skirt and trainers. First they laugh, then they copy. 

12 Aug 2014

Gym Bunny

Trainers, Sports Bra & Socks by Nike, Headphones c/o Monster

I have had a love affair with exercise since I was about 6 when I took part in my first sports day in school and I won a race. Fast forward 10 years and I had taken part in District Sports for my county 7 years in a row competing in events including; 100m, high-jump, hurdles and long-jump, gaining 6 medals. I was by no means going to be the next Jessica Enis, but I really enjoyed how I felt after winning a competition but hated that tight feeling in your chest when you've over done it. I think most of us have a love affair with exercise and even after I finished competing I have found ways to stay fit and go to the gym every week. 

Exercise is important for the mind, body and soul.

10 Aug 2014

Summer Loving

Culotte Jumpsuit by Topshop; Shoes by Birkenstock

Yesterday was the perfect day to bring out my Culotte jumpsuit again, after giving it a test drive at my work summer party a few weeks ago and getting quite a few compliments, I wanted to see how it would look styled in a more casual way. Who knew Culotte's would make a return? I think it's safe to say we should all re-consider when going to throw out 'that old thing' as fashion rotates and it's worth keeping!

9 Aug 2014

3 of the UK's best retreats

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall
Calcot Manor, Cotswolds
The Raw Retreat, Cornwall

Feeling deflated, restless and unmotivated? We've all been there and suddenly find ourselves reaching for that bottle of wine in the fridge and bar of chocolate in the drawer to make us feel better. Fact is, this always makes us feel worse and the vicious circle starts again. 

To kick start your motivation I have picked 3 of the UK's best retreats where you can detox, escape day-to-day life or spend all weekend having your body scrubbed within an inch of it's life. You needn't travel abroad for a total escape, the UK has so many things to offer and I know we often forget just how beautiful our country is.  Cornwall and the Cotswold's are two of the UK's greatest treasures and their landscape is simply breathtaking.

Next time you're planning your next trip, think about visiting a retreat for something a little different. Your body will thank you when you return home. 

7 Aug 2014

Venice Photo Diary

I flew to Venice last month to meet up with one of my close friends from Australia while she was travelling around Europe and I couldn't have been more excited to experience Italy for the first time.

What hits you first when you arrive in Venice is the humidity - that sticky, feels like you can't breathe warmth in the air and I begin to wonder how I will survive 3 days of this. It is past midnight and I have been waiting for a water bus for over an hour, bitten by hundreds of mosquito's and am tired and hungry. 1 hour and 20 minutes later and the bumpy journey across the water to St Marcos is long forgotten when I look up and see that view - Venice you are a beauty.

We spend the next 3 days walking, drinking endless amounts of Pinot Grigo and Bellini's, taking gondola rides, talking to locals, watching the unforgettable Germany V Brasil world cup match, listening to Opera and trying to function through near 30C heat. 

Venice it was fun while it lasted!

2 Jul 2014

Race for Life Pretty Muddy 2014

This was probably one of my proudest moments, albeit it not much of an achievement for some it meant the world to me. Not only have I been through more heartache and tragedy in the last year than most people experience in a lifetime, but I ran a 3 mile obstacle course in 30 minutes (says the girl who couldn't run 1 minute down the road without needing her asthma pump only a few months ago). Race for Life is a fantastic event to help raise money for Cancer Research and they don't do things by half - from heart FM on hand to get you pumped with aerobics to the volunteers around the course cheering you on (or throwing mud at you!) it was an amazing day which made me realise how lucky we are to be alive. Things were really put into perspective when you see stamped on a ladies back under 'I race for..' and it says 'me'. At times I felt completely enveloped by sadness but I pushed through and I realised what good I was doing and who I was doing it for. Auntie Christine, Uncle Michael and my two amazing Grandads, this was for you. I miss you more than you could ever imagine and I still don't know how we all wake up everyday and carry on without you here. This is for everyone suffering from Cancer or suffering for someone with Cancer, this is for all of us who may get Cancer one day and to the hope that when or if that day comes there will be a cure.