26 Oct 2011


So the lovely people at Stanwells sent me an email last week asking if they could send me some perfume samples, and would I kindly try them and write about them on my blog. I accepted with great honour. For those of you that don't know what Stanwells is, they're a designer clothing boutique that stock clothes by designers such as Temperely (favoured by Pippa Middleton) and See by Chloe. They also retail footwear, accessories and fragances and can be found in Hampshire, Dorset or online. To find out more about Stanwells visit their website: www.stanwells.com.

- Citizen Queen by Juliette Has a Gun -

This fragance initially smells quite strong but once it has settled it's actually quite light and fruity. It's one of those smells you have to keep going back to and smelling it because your not sure if you like it or not. You both love & hate it.

- Mediterraneo by Carthusia -

Oh how my nose appreciated being greeted with the wonderful smell of this perfume. It's one of those smells that instantly reminds you of holiday. It is strong yes, but it's a nice strong. I can almost taste the lemons, oranges & limes as I smell it. This is more of a summer smell so not so well suited to this time of year, but I'll definitely be keeping it for my next holiday! Yum..

- Adventures by Boadicea The Victorious -

This was a great surprise with this fragance as it's certainly victorious. It has a mixture of floral and spicy flavours which makes for quite an intense but pleasant smell. This is the perfect perfume to wear of a winter's evening, and it will also last as you don't need much on. A winter winner!

Thank you to Stanwells for sending these samples.

T x


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