23 Nov 2011

Versace for H&M Part I

Can I start by saying AHHHH!! Versace for H&M has finally arrived and I was one of a few lucky people able to get my hands on some of the wonderful pieces. How gorgeous are the boxes? This post is dedicated to the unbelievable bracelet that my dear fellow blogger Emma Hill kindly got for me amongst the mad rush that was the launch day.
It was the one thing I had my eye firmly on when the collection was revealed, and what joy it brings me now seeing it on my wrist!

Stay tuned for Versace for H&M Part II where I will showcase my palm tree scarf and gorgeous yellow skirt (it should arrive before the weekend!)

Tanya xx



  1. I LOVE it.And your new header is sooooooo beautiful.


  2. Well enjoy it! I am dying for some cold weather so I can rock all the hats and boots I purchased for the winter. I live a LA way of life with a NY state of mind. **sigh**


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