12 Jan 2012

Business Cards

My new business cards arrived this week from MOO and I am very impressed with them. I went for the rounded edges as I think it suits the type of business I'm promoting. I pondered for hours on what to put on the front of the business cards, then I decided to use a few of my favourite blog photos to keep it simple.

The quality of the cards is very high and the print is great. I am a little disappointed with the quality of my photos but I think that was my own doing. I'm not sure I uploaded the high-res images. Nethertheless, I am so pleased with them. I ordered 50 cards which have 5 different photos on them, so 10 of each photo for a total of around £15 including delivery.

I also have to mention that their customer service is outstanding. I had to contact them on a few occasions regarding a few amendments, and they were extremely helpful and knew exactly what they were talking about.

Now I just need to be invited to some events where I can hand them out!


  1. these look so nice! i've just ordered some from vistaprint as moo wasn't letting me add my details, hoping mine are nice!

  2. yaaa I am jealous:) They are so cool and I love them:)

    I am actually little bit shy about giving my cards to others I feel I am not there yet but if I have these I will definetely use them:))

    Good decision to choose your photos and I hope they will bring you success:)


  3. Thanks girls and Happy Friday! Have a great weekend xx

  4. I found you in a IFB group! So glad I did! Your blog is fab...love your new cards! I hope you will visit my site and start following. keep up the great work! Cheers!!



  5. Thanks Shanna, I am now following you on google and bloglovin. Great blog! Have a fab weekend xx

  6. Love the Moo cards, think I'm going to get some items off them!


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