31 Jan 2012

Patterned Pants

Patterned Pants. I have never been one for shying away into the background and I think these pants prove that. I have a few patterned pants vacating my ever growing wardrobe but am finding it hard deciding what to wear with them.

This outfit was a 'quick let's take some shots before the sun goes down' type of outfit, hence the different colours - but I think it works.. The pants are so light and comfortable and probably best worn in the summer not in the -2 temp we are currently experiencing!

What makes this even sweeter is I got them in the sale for just £10! *squeals*

- I'll be contacting the winner of my beauty blog giveaway tomorrow morning - 

What I was wearing:
- Pants by Zara
- Shoes by French Connection
- Blazer by H&M
- Top by Urban Outfitters
- Choker by H&M
- Ipad Case by Michael Kors at Net-a-porter
- Bracelets by ASOS & H&M


  1. Love your pants and shoes! Love the necklace too, did you get it recently?


  2. Thank you girls!

    Hi Angela, I got the necklace about a month ago but I know some H&M stores still have them in stock. They sell it in silver too. xx

  3. im in love with this outfit its soo freaking good n i really like it a lot :)
    u have a great sense of style n thnx a lot for sharing this with us.
    accessories have always been my interest soo what caught my eyes 1st is the necklace its soo freaking good :D

    1. Ahh thank you Shikha!
      Yeah I love accessories as it can really make an outfit!

  4. brilliant outfit! everything is perfect!


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