24 Feb 2012

Cat Eyes

Cat Eye Sunglasses from ASOS

If you follow me on twitter @tanya_fashion you would have noticed I have nothing but horrible and rude things to say about Zara at the moment, which forced me to remove my last post advertising one of their garments. <In short> I bought a top that transferred onto my wonderful H&M jacket (which you will see in a post tomorrow) , as well as my bra and skin without prior warning on the label. The garment is therefore clearly un-fit for purpose. I was then treated by staff like a liar, despite giving photographic evidence! I got my mere £6 back in the end, but it was the principal, and I am trying to pursue it further so I can get the £35 back for my precious H&M jacket that is now utterly ruined.

I have been a loyal Zara customer for as long as I can remember and I am so disappointed in their customer service that I am running out of bad words!! I am also struggling to complain formally, so please if you have ever had an incident like this, with Zara or not please get in touch as I'd love to know how you complained.

And a mention to all my loyal and wonderful twitter followers for trying to help me with this! xx


  1. What a rude customer service.Thanks for posting this,I am sure that I don´t buy anything from Zara now.

  2. I like zara clothes a lot...sometimes people are rude but it should not stop us from enjoying ourselves...still in Zara clothes, but outside of the store, great photo :)


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