2 Mar 2012

Aussie Mega Shampoo

c/o Aussie Hair Products
I was contacted by the lovely people at Aussie about their new MEGA collection - if you know their products, you'll know their original bottles were quite small. So they have come up with a collection of bigger bottles that keep your hair clean and shiny for longer. I personally have never used Aussie products before, but I have heard nothing but good things about them and now I see why.. 

The shampoo smells like the those jelly cubes you buy at the supermarket and dissolve with boiling hot water. Yes, I had to resist trying to eat it, it smelt so good! I found you only need a small amount in the palm of your hand to then rub into your hair as it's larvas up a lot. Once massaged into the scalp, washed off and blow-dried I could already see the results. Not only did my hair still smell like raspberry jelly, but it was shinning and silky soft to touch. And even after a second round of heat (straighteners) it still smelt fruity and left my heavy hair feeling light and soft.

If you have never used Aussie products before like I hadn't, then I'd get down to your local Boots as their products really are as great as everyone is saying. Thanks again to the people at Aussie Haircare for sending me this bottle. 

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  1. I Love Aussie hair products, I use the mega shampoo and conditioner everyday! and it always leaves my hair lovely and clean and soft. Unlike some other brands that leave residue in my hair no matter how long I rinse the conditioner out! Aussie to the rescue :)

    Love, Vanilla


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