22 Mar 2012

Chi Yu Wellness Centre

Believe it or not I went for my first ever massage on Tuesday and it couldn't have been a better first experience. I had been contemplating paying for a neck, back and shoulder massage for a while, as sitting at a desk for more than 8 hours a day started to take its toll and I was feeling very stiff. So I was delighted when contacted by the lovely Libby Elderfield about whether I'd be interested in trying a treatment at the Chi-Yu Wellness Centre to review. I naturally chose a deep-tissue massage as this is great for relieving tension and smoothing out knots.   

I was extremely anxious when I arrived having never been to a wellbeing boutique before but I was greeted by a friendly lady called Akiko who I was told was going to carry out my treatment, and asked to fill in a small consultation form and if I wanted any tea or water. I was immediately put at ease with her friendly nature and the calming scents around the reception area. I was then taken downstairs to the treatment room which was extremely spacious and filled with lit candles, calming music and scented oils. 

Akiko tailored the massage exactly to my needs, asking me what I preferred, which I thought was unique and comforting. She used a combination of lavender and frankincense scented oils for my deep-tissue massage which helped calm the body and mind. She used a variety of techniques to help release the muscle tension in my shoulders and stimulate blood circulation. I was extremely tense and knotty and Akiko did a great job in relieving this tension by applying deep pressure strokes across my back. 

Once 60 minutes approached I felt a state of relaxation that I have never felt before and was extremely calm. I was taken back by just how great I felt and wanted to feel this way forever. I took my time getting up and dressed and made my way to the reception area, where I was asked how I felt and if I enjoyed the massage. I can quite honestly say for a first experience it was surreal and wonderful. If you are ever thinking of having a massage and live/work around Central London, then please try Chi-Yu as you won't be disappointed. The massage I got would cost £67 for 60 minutes and I think for what you get it's worth every penny.

Their contact details can be found here and if you follow me on instagram (@tanyaprendergast) you can find a few inside photos I took of my experience. 



  1. this is exactly what I've been contemplating! I haven't had a proper massage before, I will check this place out definitely. Thanks Tanya :)

    1. It is honestly a fantastic place. They are so welcoming and really tailor any treatment to the person's needs.
      I couldn't recommend them enough. They're about a 6 minute walk from Bond Street Station! x


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