29 Mar 2012

WIWT Party

Last Monday was the WIWT party and Poppy's birthday so the cream of the crop (or WIWT as it were) came together to eat burritos, guzzle cider and natter away to some lovely fashionable people we had never even met before! We all met at London's best burrito and mexican, Chilango on Chancery Lane. Though I love a good mexican I had never eaten or even heard of Chilango before *shameful* and was so pleasantly surprised by their grilled chicken burrito. Nomnom! It was great to meet so many people in person that I have only ever spoken to over twitter or my blog, and to catch up with the people I had already met before! Not only did I have my burrito paid for, but the cider was free and I only got myself a nice little goodie bag from Poppy - top night! 

Thanks to Poppy, iwhoretees girls, VogueAlchemist, Madison, Aisling, Mandeep, Marsha, Lucy, Elizabeth, Emily Jayne, Stu, JayJo and everyone else for making it just a great night. I'm looking forward to the next WIWT party so I can meet some more wonderful people! Photos courtesy of iwhoretees x



  1. Hmmm,looks like it was an amazing night!

  2. Muchos gracias, it was indeed an excellent one! If very hot...


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