24 Apr 2012

Khaki Pants

I'm currently writing this post while tucked up in bed trying to feel better. I have been sick since yesterday and I have a VERY important and exciting photoshoot tomorrow morning which I HAVE to be better for. I have been through so many tablets, tissues and hot water bottles you won't believe! Onto a less snotty-nosed subject, I shot these photos about two weekends ago at Karl's, trying to show off my new H&M Trend peplum top with my khaki pants that are just so comfy! Now looking at these photos I am wishing I didn't wear the red lipstick as against my pale skin I look like a doll. But I only have 6 weeks till my holiday so 6 weeks till tan-time! Will let you know more about my photoshoot tomorrow :)

 Pants by H&M
Bag by Mulberry
Shoes by Marni x H&M
Top by H&M Trend
Sunglasses by Rayban
Necklace c/o Cinderela B



  1. This looks really love on you :) I love your shoes :)
    I hope you feel better in time for tomorrow :) And good luck, sounds very exciting :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. I am constantly in awe of your shoes and bags.

    It's because of great blogs like this I am actually going through my wardrobe and selling some things. Keeping basics and some statement pieces, but it needs re-building/a complete overhaul. I don't feel it fits "me" any more in the sense of how I like to dress... and some pieces are quite young or worn.

    Also I think the lipstick was an excellent choice, makes your skin your flawless and rosy cheeked and contrasts nicely with the green trousers.

    I need to get more outfit posts done myself. I have not done one in forever.



  3. i like the red lippy!
    feel better soon

  4. Wow, I love this look. You look super sexy!

    Kate x

  5. oh those sandals (so jealous) I could`t get my hands on them (I think I've told you already).
    and that lipstick you're wearing looks great!! which one is it?


  6. Disagree - the pop of red really completes the look! You look gorgeous as usual :-)

  7. Thank you all so much for your kind and amazing comments.
    You make me so happy and want to continue to blog :)

  8. Beautiful outfit! Love you lipstick too!

    Scarr xx

  9. i just bought these heels too, aren't they AMAZING. They're featured for the first time in my blog post today :)

    Mel http://www.mediamarmalade.com/

  10. love your style! you look stunning!

  11. Came across your blog, and I just love your style. Very pretty! My blog is very similar to yours, and I will be flattered if you visit mine at www.creativesideofme.com :-)



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