16 May 2012

Alexandra Park

I hope these photos will cheer up all my readers at home in the UK where the weather is worse than normal at the moment. May is usually my favourite time of year as it's my birthday and I have always considered myself a 'summer baby' - that was until I experienced what the UK likes to call 'summer' right now. High winds, hail stones, thunder, lightening and endless rain. Yawn! These photos were taken at the weekend along the coast of Sussex where my boyfriend lives and look at the sunshine! Of course, it only lasted that day before the clouds moved in and we got more rain. I hope I have managed to capture how stunning a day it was and what a beautiful park Alexandra Park is, that was until my camera battery died so more photos are on my instagram (@tanyaprendergast)

Top by H&M Trend
Coat by Zara
Jeans by H&M
Bag by Mulberry
Sunglasses c/o Polaroid Sun
Necklace by H&M Fashion Against Aids



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