18 May 2012

Birthday Presents

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you probably know I had a fantastic birthday yesterday. I was well and truly spoiled by all my loved ones and was really feeling the birthday love on twitter so thank you!! My boyfriend took me for dinner at Browns where we drank cocktails, ate steak & lobster, brownies & apple tarte and were serenaded by the most wonderful music. It really was the perfect end to my birthday. Today I finally had time to open all my cards and presents and appreciate them all - here are some of them. Which is your favourite? 

Zara Leather Bag
ASH Bowie Wedge Trainers

Marc by Marc Jacobs Bangle
Flora by Gucci Perfume & Mirror
Ceramic Jewellery Hand
Silicone Rolling Pin & Measuring Cups
Topshop Lisbon Buckle Wedge
Zara Multi-Coloured Over-Sized Clutch



  1. The clutch is beautiful! x


  2. Love those ASH wedge trainers, and Zara colorful clutch!!!
    great presents!!!
    btw happy birthday!!!

  3. These are such great presents glad you had a great birthday. Your dress looked gorgeous as well. Enjoy the ash high tops chick and how stylish are all your presents?! Your family know you well! X

  4. I love the Zara bag, I'm thinking about getting it, does it hold a lot?



  5. Love all of your pressies!! :) xxx


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