19 Jun 2012

The Pool

Looking back at these photos now makes me sad as the realisation sinks in that I am no longer there. It's amazing how long ago a holiday seems once you've touched down on home soil (I've only been back 5 days and it feels like a lifetime ago). Nevertheless, I had an absolutely wonderful time with both my boyfriend and my brother. Odd combination of accomplices some might think but me and my brother have always been close, and my brother is close with my boyfriend so why not! We all had a great laugh and came back with an almost-impressive tan. I just wanted to share with you some shots I took around the pool which is undoubtedly the main feature of the hotel. There are 5 in total though 2 are baby pools the other 3 are quite impressive, especially the main one where these photos were shot. Not only is their a floating italian restaurant on the pool, but a ship where you can take your lunch and enjoy the sea view. Yep, this hotel is situated right on the sea-front. Stay tuned for my full review of this hotel!

Bikini by H&M
Bracelets from Market in Lanzarote
Sunglasses by H&M



  1. thats very much class !

    Alexandra Marie

  2. This place looks so luxurious, beautiful photos! I really like your bikini too how cute :) Can't wait to read more about this place.

  3. How blessed your are to have a great relationship with your brother and he with your mate. I love that... I am big on family and friendship. I think our society is losing site on what is really important. Now about the vaca! Wow! I am suppose to go New York this summer but honey blue beach look so much more appealing. I'm sure you made amazing memories with your man and your brother. Thanks for sharing Tanya!

  4. I love your bikini.. nice print! :) and the place is such a paradise!

    Kaye Awatin
    Twitter: @thestyleflux
    Blog: http://thestyleflux.blogspot.com


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