12 Aug 2012

Sequined Lace

Dress by French Connection (similar here); Sequined Jacket by Zara; Shoes by ASOS; Clutch by Zara; Sunglasses by H&M

Bought both this sequinned jacket and these shoes in the last week and they are both two of my favourite things occupying my wardrobe as of late. This laced dress seemed like the perfect thing to pair with them. I'd just like to say that not every blogger is lucky enough to be super thin and a UK size 6, I'm a healthy size 8-10 with boobs and a bum and I like the way I look. I have always had an athletic body due to the running and sports I did back in school and I'm certainly not going to be as thin as VB anytime soon - my body just wasn't built like that! As the saying goes.. 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. I'd also like to thank all my wonderful followers for your utterly sweet and caring comments yesterday. I am so lucky to have so much love in my life xx 



  1. Lovely shoes Tan! XX

    Inspiring me to do a shoe post! x

  2. I would kill to have your body so boo to haters! The shoes look INCREDIBLE!!! xxxx

  3. Oh Tanya you absolute babe, I want this entire outfit! And I'd kill to have a body like yours xx

  4. I like that this outfit uses an entirely neutral palate! It looks so chic. The different textures make the look interesting to look at.

    Elle Michele

  5. Lace, sequins and nude accessories? This is right up my street! I LOVE IT!

    -Elodie x


  6. This outfit is absolutely divine, loving the lace/sequin combo, it creates such a gorgeous clash of textures.
    I'm actually being seriously tempted to order a pair of those shoes for myself, they're stunning!
    Ugh, how vile that you're getting comments about your shape, you've got an amazing figure and it's ridiculous that someone would say otherwise xx

  7. You look smaller than a 10 so I guess the camera does not add 10lbs lol! Love the lace and sequins together, I like mixing textures too. You look very pretty.



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