8 Aug 2012

The Beach

Top by Zara; Shorts by Mango; Shoes by Topshop; Necklace by H&M; Bracelet by ASOS; Clutch by DKNY; Sunglasses by H&M

Firstly I'd like to apologise for my absence on here - since Saturday night I have been dying what feels like a slow and painful death by flu and have barely been able to move, but I am alive so just bare with me! During the day on Saturday Karl & I decided to take a drive to the beach and go exploring. He lives in the heart of the countryside in a small village but the nearest sea-side town is only 10 minutes away and with the sun shining we took the camera on an adventure. For the day I wore a floral zara top I got in the sale last week paired with black shorts and some white pumps. It was the best outfit because it turnt out to be a pretty warm day. PS I am a HUGE Star War's fan and couldn't believe it when Darth Vader & a storm trooper were metre's away from me - I just couldn't resist a picture or two!!



  1. Love it! I can't believe you got your hands on that tope AND IN THE SALE! I've been wanting it for ages! You go, girl!!!

    -Elodie x


  2. your outfit is so pretty and colorful :) so nice :)

    Rovie, The Bargain Doll

  3. I love your statement necklace that is so cute! I would have taken pics with Darth and the Storm troopers too how awesome :)


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