6 Sep 2012

BrowHaus with WIWT #LashLockIn

For those of you who follow me on instagram (@tanyaprendergast) and twitter (@tanya_fashion) you may have heard me talking about the #LashLockIn at BrowHaus in Covent Garden last night with the WIWT team. Poppy (founder of WIWT) invited me and 8 other WIWT users to a night of eyebrow pampering with BrowHaus. I want to start by saying it is most definitely the COOLEST eyebrow/eyelash salon ever. They are quite simply brow architects and their skills are an art-form. Having very full and dark eyebrows I wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve from this night as I already quite like the shape of my brows. This is where they work their magic... My therapist turnt my already ok brows into gorgeous brows!! They were plucked, trimmed, shaped and coloured so not to look as harsh as they normally do. My thoughts: WINNER. I'd definitely return and have already reccomended to all my friends.


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