5 Oct 2012

Sponsor Me and Support Cancer Research UK

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have decided to start raising as much money as I can for Cancer Research UK. My motivation behind this is due to the recent heartache me and my family have suffered learning the news that my aunt has bone cancer. She battled breast cancer over 8 years ago and was then given the all clear but she broke her hip 6 weeks ago (she was constantly refused x-rays by the NHS claiming it was just a sore knee which is totally unacceptable). We then learnt last week after an actual x-ray that she had broken her hip and they now suspect she has bone cancer. This was then confirmed last Friday and we were given the news this week that it isn't curable but treatable and that she will need a full hip-replacement - this in itself is a HUGE operation without battling cancer at the same time. We also received the devastating news that they have now found cancer in her liver which could have possibly spread from the breast cancer.
Both my aunt and my family have a tough time ahead and I just want to stay as positive as I can throughout this whole time. Fundraising for charity has given me hope. Hope that the money I raise will help people and the death rate from cancer will fall from the previous year. Every 2 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer and there are over 200 types each with it's own symptoms & treatment.
I am hosting a bake-sale at my work for National Baking Week starting on the 15th october to raise money, plus doing a 10-mile run on the 24th February 2013. To sponsor me you can follow this link: http://www.justgiving.com/TanyaPrendergast1705 or click the badge on the right hand side of my blog.
Together we can beat cancer, so please spare a few pound to a good cause and sponsor me. It can really make a difference to both my family and yours. x

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  1. Glad you're finding the strength to do something positive in such an awful situation. Best wishes to your family and good luck with your fundraising! x


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