23 Feb 2013

All who wander are not lost

Shirt & Blazer by H&M Trend; Jeans by Warehouse; Shoes c/o Nelly; Necklace by H&M; Clutch by Zara

So I took the plunge yesterday and had my hair dyed and cut - I am now a red head again eeeep! The last time my hair was red I was about 18 so it's quite a shock but I needed a change. This is my last outfit post with my old hair and I'll definitely miss the dip-dye! These photos were shot last week before the huge drop in temperature which makes it feel like -10C outside at the moment. Though Spring feels like a lifetime away I am not letting this never ending cold snap stop me from wearing painfully colourful pieces. Adding a yellow statement piece to an all monochrome outfit is great for getting attention - all for the right reasons of course. Hope you enjoy your weekend :)



  1. This outfit is fantastic! I look forward to seeing your new hair!

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

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