10 Feb 2013

Born to Love

T-Shirt by ASOS; Shoes c/o Nelly; Blazer by H&M Trend; Clutch by Zara; Trousers & Choker by H&M

With valentines approaching I dug this t-shirt out from the bottom of my wardrobe for a love-inspired outfit. I particularly love pale tones as of late and wanted to show you that it's not all about dresses and skirts for your hot date this year. I got this t-shirt from ASOS over a year ago but they have some great ones on the site now. I have never been a huge fan of valentines day and I'm still not even now after 3 and a half years of being with someone. It's so cliché and every restaurant is full of overly affectionate 'look at how happy we are' couples. I don't need to prove anything to anyone so me and Karl love nothing more than to cook something at home the day after and just enjoy each others company. That said I hope Karl will deliver some roses to my work this year ;)



  1. That top is so lovely, you have an amazing sense of style

    A little bit Unique


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