16 Jul 2013

Gramvousa Island & Balos Lagoon Photo Diary

This has to be the most beautiful place we have ever visited. Whilst on vacation in Greece we decided to tear ourselves away from the sun lounger's around the pool and take a trip out to sea and visit Balos Lagoon. And it was so worth it. After an hour's boat ride we arrived on Gramvousa island with a small beach, turquoise sea & Venetian castle nestled into the hill-top. After attempting (and falling) to the climb the 100's of steps to the castle at the top, we settled for a spot on the beach and a dip in the warm sea before our boat took us to Balos. When we arrived we carefully hopped along the rocks before we reached the silk-soft white sands and jumped in the sea. The lagoon was warmer than we expected and full of fish swimming beneath your feet - you could walk for metres and still find a view more stunning than the last. This trip is something we will always remember - Greece we'll be back for you.. 



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