20 Jul 2013

Greece Style Diary Day 4

Top by Topshop; Skirt by Zara; Sandals by ASOS
Polo Shirt by Ralph Lauren; Shorts by H&M; Boat Shoes by Timberland

I used to hate the beach. The sand between your toes when your feet became wet from the sea and you walked across the beach back to your sunbed - it makes me shiver just to think about it. But believe it or not I walked along the beaches in Greece, boarded a boat and swam in the sea - 3 things I literally hate more than anything. Apparently I am all about the 'can do' than the 'won't do' as of late and I like it. Karl & I took a walk down to the beach most nights in Greece to watch the most beautiful sunsets in the world of which I will never forget - we will share our sunset photos with you in the coming days..



  1. Absolutely adore your skirt Tanya!

  2. OMG love love love the Zara skirt! Looks so great, and you are looking teeny tiny Miss! xx

  3. wow that skirt is PERFECT! Loving your holiday wardrobe x

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  5. hey you should get social media plugin. was looking for the ‘like’ button but couldn’t find it. ancient greek experiences


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