18 Jul 2013

Keep Fit, Look Fashionable with M&S

Sports Bra & Performance Active Leggings c/o M&S

I'm excited to share with you my first ever post on gym/sportswear. I have exercised for as long as I can remember whether it be track & field events at school or going to the gym after work, I just enjoy keeping my body in check. And nothing makes me feel better about working out than when I am wearing the right gear - so who knew M&S did sportswear? 

I love working out but with exercised induced asthma this can prove quite difficult, but I have finally devised an exercise plan which keeps my asthma under control and my blood pumping. This sports bra proved as supportive as I expected given the vast amount of equipment I use whilst at the gym including the cross trainer, rowing machine & weights. It's lightweight feel and no under-wired was a winner all around for me, along with the bright summer colour (perfect for my fading tan). Paired with these super comfortable & functional leggings which are miles better than my Nike pair!

As fashion conscious as I am I never felt the need to look good at the gym, not with the messy bun, natural face & sweat in tow, however recently I can't help but be aware of how I look. I want to feel good whilst working out, so the right outfit is essential. Bright sports bras, leggings or shorts with some on-trend Nike air's is a no brainer. How do you keep fit and look fashionable?



  1. I love the crop top and long shorts but hate flashing my belly when exercising...you look great here!

    Charlie xx
    Lurch Hound Loves UK Style Blog

  2. Tanya you're making me want to cut out cake from my diet. You look amazing!


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