2 Dec 2013

The T-Shirt Store Challenge Part 11: Date Night

Both T-Shirts c/o The T-Shirt Store

We decided to style our next outfit with The T-shirt Store based on a date night and in our typical fashion we went for something simple and casual. I guess that's what happens when you've been together so long :) Despite the cold weather I opted for a skirt and boots of the same colour whilst wearing a smart jacket which complimented the tones in the t-shirt. Karl was his usual stylish self and matched most of his outfit, looking effortlessly cool. Part 3 will be coming up before the end of the week!


1 comment

  1. Love the outfits in this! so intricate yet classy and chic!

    Check my latest posts out at : http://ilaillusive.blogspot.co.uk/ :) xx


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