26 Feb 2014

Morocco Travel Diary: Dar Lazuli Riad

Dar Lazuli Riad in Morocco, Essaouira 

The Dar Lazuli Riad is where we called home for the last 4 days and I really am sad to be back in the UK and back in my own bed. This was my first time in Morocco and we stayed in Essaouira, a small but charming fishing town around 2 hours outside of Marrakesh. The Dar Lazuli Riad is made up of four self-contained apartments which are all traditionally decorated and equipped with a kitchen and bathroom. The gigantic beds should not go unmentioned as they really are the most comfortable and I wish I could bring one back home! The riad has three outdoor terraces on different levels, with the top one offering breathtaking views across Essaouira. We had a dedicated housekeeping service from the lovely Rachid and Latifah plus our friendly guardian, Abdelkader who came every night to check we were all ok. They really were the most friendliest and sweetest people I've met. Thank you once again for everything. Though I usually stay in hotels when I go abroad, I will definitely be looking at alternative accommodation after this trip as the riad was so authentic that you really get the full experience. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is usually like me as it open's your eyes to the beauty of other forms of accommodation.



  1. Oh my, I'm so sad to be home! I miss the little riad and chilling out on the terrace! x

  2. Gorgeous details and such warmth exuding from these photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. So sad to wake up in my room, in London. Can I please go back to this huuuuge bed and amazing bathroom?

    - Elodie x

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