6 Mar 2014

Morocco Travel Diary: Day 2

After our visit to the Argan Oil Farm we were taken the scenic route back to the apartment and after almost being sold for a camel (dying my hair blonde before coming to Morocco was a bad idea!) We were back in time for lunch and did a little more exploring...

While Elodie and Michelle were having a traditional Moroccan Hammam at Lalla Mira, the rest of us stumbled across a beautiful riad called Al Madina with a stunning courtyard just off from the busy streets. With free wifi and rose covered waterfalls it seemed like only a minute before the girl's were back and telling us how amazing their hammam was!

After buying as many souvenir's as our hand luggage would allow and eating the best pizza possibly ever (head to the main square, the restaurant next to the ice-cream shop is the one!) we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. If Carlsberg did sunsets...

Once the sun had set it was time for dinner so we headed to The Sweet Clock just outside the main square. They have the widest menu so there is something for everyone - we had steak, chicken and saffron rice tagine and even spaghetti. You have to remember you are in Morocco so if you visit try the traditional food, honestly the tagine's and fresh fish are utterly mind blowing.



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