15 Jun 2014

Garden Party with George Home

6 Piece Outdoor Set, Serving Spoons, Cushions, Coca-Cola Coasters + Large Ceramic Dish c/o George Home

We have been in our new home for over 2 months now and it has flown by. As you know, we got stuck into decorating before we had even moved in and by moving date had almost the entire house done, so when we were contacted by George Home to design a room of our house for £100 we struggled to find a the room! Luckily our garden wasn't up to 'garden party' standard and with the temperatures rising we knew which 'room' we were going to pick. If you are looking for a sturdy table & chair set at a decent price which is both stylish and comfortable, this is the one! We hope you like how we decorated our cute little garden and quite honestly, we are so proud and pleased with our purchases. 

Thank you George Home for helping us put together the finishing touches to our home.



  1. This all looks gorgeous Tanya!

  2. Can I come round for a garden party please?!


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