9 Aug 2014

3 of the UK's best retreats

The Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall
Calcot Manor, Cotswolds
The Raw Retreat, Cornwall

Feeling deflated, restless and unmotivated? We've all been there and suddenly find ourselves reaching for that bottle of wine in the fridge and bar of chocolate in the drawer to make us feel better. Fact is, this always makes us feel worse and the vicious circle starts again. 

To kick start your motivation I have picked 3 of the UK's best retreats where you can detox, escape day-to-day life or spend all weekend having your body scrubbed within an inch of it's life. You needn't travel abroad for a total escape, the UK has so many things to offer and I know we often forget just how beautiful our country is.  Cornwall and the Cotswold's are two of the UK's greatest treasures and their landscape is simply breathtaking.

Next time you're planning your next trip, think about visiting a retreat for something a little different. Your body will thank you when you return home. 



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