31 Aug 2014

Mean Business

Top by Theory; Waistcoat c/o M&S; Skirt by New Look; Shoes c/o Nelly; Bag by Saint Laurent; Sunglasses by Ray Ban

I have decided that I want 2015 to be a year of new adventures, opportunities and FUN. After a pretty turbulent couple of years I have realised what is important to me and that's being happy and having fun. Though 2015 isn't far away, I am already going on a new adventure mid-September when I leave my current job to start a new one closer to home. I am really excited about the change and looking forward to what it brings. I mean business.



  1. Beautiful! So excited for you xx

  2. Your glasses are beaut!! Good luck with your new job too :)


  3. Congrats on your new job and no long commute on stinky trains and you look stunning as usual xxx

  4. Great controls and works finest with a remote. Kodi wish to mix it up, there are plenty of alternatives available. Fine.


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