7 Aug 2014

Venice Photo Diary

I flew to Venice last month to meet up with one of my close friends from Australia while she was travelling around Europe and I couldn't have been more excited to experience Italy for the first time.

What hits you first when you arrive in Venice is the humidity - that sticky, feels like you can't breathe warmth in the air and I begin to wonder how I will survive 3 days of this. It is past midnight and I have been waiting for a water bus for over an hour, bitten by hundreds of mosquito's and am tired and hungry. 1 hour and 20 minutes later and the bumpy journey across the water to St Marcos is long forgotten when I look up and see that view - Venice you are a beauty.

We spend the next 3 days walking, drinking endless amounts of Pinot Grigo and Bellini's, taking gondola rides, talking to locals, watching the unforgettable Germany V Brasil world cup match, listening to Opera and trying to function through near 30C heat. 

Venice it was fun while it lasted!



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