18 Aug 2014

Workout Routine

Hold for 30 seconds - repeat twice

This has to be my most requested post, so without further a due here is my work-out routine. If I am perfectly honest, I both hate and love exercise but this small work-out routine is something I try and do everyday either in the morning or evening. This is a purely strength based workout routine, but I would do this with some cardio (cross-trainer, spin class or run) 3 times a week to keep up your fitness. Sit-ups or stomach exercises are by far my favourite and what I find the easiest to do. What does your exercise routine look like?

Raise your leg and  bring it back down without touching the ground - 3 reps of 10
Hold a 3kg weight at arm's length and reach up so your back is at an angle - 3 reps of 10
3 reps of 10 with a 3kg weight for each of my arms
With a 3kg weight in each hand, extend one of your legs as far as you can and lunge - 3 reps of 10 (each leg)



  1. Look at your amazing figure! You are hot stuff lady! x

  2. I'm deffo giving some of these a try T Bird! Serious ab envy!

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