14 Dec 2014

Let's get Active!

Headphones & iTunes Voucher c/o Three Mobile.

You all know I like to keep an active lifestyle, but it can often be really difficult when working long, full time hours but I think it's important to find the time. These Enduro headphones are surprisingly comfortable and a nice change from my usual iphone ones which frankly hurt my ears, so have made running that tiny bit more bearable. My iTunes voucher has come in especially handy as I am usually awful at downloading apps and using my iPhone to its full potential, but now I have a library of fitness apps at my beck and call. For women the best fitness app I have used in a long time is, 'Fit Woman', with tailor-made fitness plans for your problem areas - I use it every week when I am at a gym and it definitely helps keep my fitness levels up as well as my motivation.

With just over a week to go until one of my closest friends gets married, I NEED to fit into my bridesmaid dress so this fitness pack as come at the right time. So let's get active!!



  1. Those headphones look great - my iPhone ones always fall out when I'm running! x

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