31 Mar 2015

Saona Island

2 days after landing in the gorgeous Dominican Republic we were all itching to get out and explore the island, so all 16 of us booked a trip to Saona Island which is a government protected nature reserve and part of East National Park. We had an early pick up of 7:30am where we drove around 40 minutes to a small harbour village to get our speed boat to the island. 30 minutes into our boat trip and our guide stopped in what seemed like the middle of the ocean so we could do some snorkelling - those that know me realise I am 1) Not a huge fan of boats 2) Terrified of the sea so I was certain that I'd be sitting firmly on the boat watching everyone else. Apparently all it took was a large rum and coke and a dose of dutch courage and I found myself slipping on a life jacket, snorkel and I was in the sea. Having bravely dipped my head under the water and seen all the stunning fish and life under the sea, I was hooked and had to be dragged back on board as I refused to come back on (sadly we was having so much fun, we didn't get any photos). 

Next stop was a large lagoon where we stopped to relax in the warm and shallow water, whilst taking photos with star fishes - completely not what I thought they would feel like! After hopping back on the boat, within a few minutes we arrived at what I can only describe as an island worthy of a postcard - it is truly the most beautiful place I have been. 3 hours of exploring and a fresh fish and meat BBQ later and I was ready to lounge back on the boat home. Our speedboat arrived just in time to take us to our Catamaran where we sailed back sipping rum, listening to music and relaxing. Absolute bliss....



  1. Loved all your Dominican posts! I'm going to Punta Cana next Thursday :)

    Where is this bikini from please? x

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