25 Mar 2015

Where do all vacations start..

In Jamie Oliver's restaurant at Gatwick Airport - well they do for me. We arrived FAR too early in the morning for my brain to function properly, but having met the rest of our holiday/wedding entourage we headed straight for Jamie's where I ordered the tastiest Prosecco to sort out my fuzzy head, followed by pancakes of course! Fast forward 9 hours and we had landed in the Dominican Republic, though I must mention Thomson Airway's new Dreamliner plane which is truly a dream. Less noise, smoother landing and take off, free alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during your flight, a three course meal, larger windows controlled by dimmers plus a library of movies to choose from! Three cosmo's later in the hotel bar, the jet lag was kicking in so we put our head down for the night on a bed big enough for 5!


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