16 Apr 2015

Top 3 Bucket List Destinations with Transun

When I hear the word bucket list it almost feels out of reach. I associate it with places and things I would love to see and do, but doubt I'd ever have the opportunity. But I guess that's why it's called a bucket list, because no doubt the list is endless for everyone and you just hope to tick off even a few before you kick the bucket! When thinking of dream destinations, my top three always come to mind and I am so excited to share with you these breathtaking places and why they are so incredible.

#1 Antelope Canyon - Utah

Top Photo by Egor Gudaev on Flickr
Bottom Photo by Karen Lee on Flickr

I know what you're all thinking...ah, a canyon just like that film with James Franco...No. This is not why this is top of my list when it comes to the bucket form. I have honestly been mesmerized by canyons for as long as I can remember and can think of nothing better than turning off my mobile, grabbing my camera and getting lost in here. Antelope Canyon is the sort of place I would have made up in my mind to escape hectic everyday life in the city, had it not already existed. And boy am I glad it does. It is escapism in it's truest form, meaning you can experience endless adventure while you clear your mind (and take awesome photos on the way!)

#2 Blue Mosque - Istanbul
Top Photo by Paul on Flickr
Bottom Photo by Vicki Mar on Flickr

Find me a girl who doesn't like things that sparkle and I will praise her. Find me anyone on earth who doesn't like visiting a holy place of worship, be it a church/mosque/ temple/synagogue you name it, I bet you can't find a single person who doesn't wish to visit one. They are pure, magical and spectacular. The Blue Mosque is optical illusions at it's best, with thousands of ─░znik style ceramic tiles which reflect the light giving the mirage of glistening diamonds. I literally could not think of anything more incredible for a magpie like me, I think you'd have to drag me away kicking and screaming from this beauty. Imagine this was the place you came to worship? Not to mention this stunning place is in Europe - mind blown

#3 Five Flower Lake, China
Top & Bottom Photo by Loraineltai on Flickr

Have you ever seen a lake so pure and clear? Five Flower Lake in China is a spectacle, with a criss-crossed bottom from ancient trees which have fallen into the lake, hues of blue and green which you usually only find in the Caribbean and beautiful autumnal colours that make you realise why this is the best season to visit. It literally takes my breath away just looking at the photos, imagine what being there will do! Though difficult to reach by land, meaning a 10 hour bus ride down from Chengdu it would be 100% worth it for that view. I could honestly find inner peace here and come home much more positive about things. Where else can you do that? China you could steal my heart <3

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