23 May 2015

Botanical Gardens, CPH

You've all heard of the Eden Project right? Well this is Copenhagen's answer to that and it is magical, if not a little bit warm.The sticky damn heat hits you the minute you open the door, but all is forgotten when you step inside what feels like another world. I personally have never had the opportunity to visit the Eden Project, but now I have an overwhelming desire to go to Cornwall just to experience this again. If you're brave enough, you can take the spiral staircase right to the top and get a birdseye view! But you have got to be joking if you think I got up there, I could just about handle a quick pose at the bottom - I like my feet firmly on the ground.. Not only do the Botanical Gardens have an insane rainforest, they also have huge grounds filled with living plants and flowers which make for a great backdrop for an afternoon stroll.


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