6 May 2015

Race for Life Training

Top by Primark(similar); Sports Bra by Nike; Leggings by Nike; Trainers by Addidas(similar)

With hundreds of thousands of people taking part in the London Marathon a couple of weeks ago, I knew it was time to step up my training for my 5K Race for Life which I am taking part in on 30th May at Regent's Park. It's no marathon, but I am the worst runner possible but Cancer Research UK means so much to me that I am running my second 5K for them. As far as my training goes, I have been running 1.5-2 miles around twice a week which I am hoping to step up to 2-3 miles by the end of next week as a last push before the race. In between training, I am still going to the gym 3 times a week doing weight training while drinking a protein shake after every work-out which aids recovery. My diet has stayed the same during my training which consists of porridge for breakfast, fruit & nuts for snacking, chicken salad with wholegrains and lots of veg for lunch followed by a low carb meal for dinner. Stay tuned for more training updates and don't forget to sign up for RFL here using the code 'RFLlimit' to get £2 off your race (you have to hurry as it only applies to the first 20 readers!)


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