20 Jun 2015

One Under Lime Bar - London

I like being surprised, and this place surprised me. In the heart of the city is this hidden treasure, One Under Lime under one of the most iconic buildings (maybe just to us locals) in London, serving food and drink to mainly workers. But seriously, if you are visiting London or want to try somewhere different for lunch instead of a busy tourist heavy cafe off Oxford Street, this place is calling for you, so step inside...

Nestled under the iconic Lloyd's building (or the inside out building for it's unique design) just off Lime Street on Leadenhall Place which is a 5 minute walk from Tower Hill or Bank tube you'll find One Under Lime. The perfect mix of Bar/Restaurant with elegant inside seating or grab a table on their sun terrace outside - which of course we did with the sun shining how could we not! 
While we settled in with a cold glass of Pinot Grigio, our lovely waiter Maro told us all he knew about the menu and what to reccomend. In the summer they offer a 'buffet BBQ' where you can choose 3 items from a selection of: cumberland sausage, prawns, chicken thighs and beef burgers with a choice of 3 different salads and artisan breads for just £15 - this was a popular choice from what we saw! 
Though it was the perfect day for a BBQ, there were so many other things I wanted to try on the menu so my mum and I opted for their homemade scotch egg with salad cream to start. Yes, it WAS as good as it looks... Maro told us that in the winter they change their menu accordingly and are hoping to bring back their 'chorizo scotch egg'. I have reserved another table already mmm.
After skipping breakfast so I could enjoy this even more I knew I needed carbs when I looked at the menu, so a Croque Madame was just what the doctor ordered. You all know by now that I am not a huge lover of red meat but let's talk about how good the ham was inside this sandwich, I mean seriously. It tasted like home boiled gammon which just melted and fell apart in the most delicious way inside your mouth.
Mother P went for the Pan fried cod with pancetta and broad beans in a white wine sauce which was the perfect mix of salty, sweet, fresh and simply divine. If you're more of a lighter eater who enjoys fresh fish, you NEED to try this and you won't regret it. 
I love cooking and making my own coleslaw is something I often do in the summer, so I made sure I tried the 'summer slaw' with my sandwich because you can't beat homemade! Made with onions, cabbage, what I think was cress and only a drizzle of some dressing it was exactly how I like my coleslaw - not covered in mayo. Mum ordered possibly the largest 'chunky chips' known to man for us to share which had the lightest, crispiest batter on the outside and fluffy and delicate inside. 
We left with full bellies and happy faces because this place is run by some of the friendliest people I have ever met, in the city where people are often in too much of a rush to remember we live in one of the best cities in the world. I'll definitely be back...


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