1 Jun 2015

Regent's Park Race for Life 5K

This year's Race for Life was definitely the best yet, for me personally anyway. I hadn't done as much training as I wanted to particularly in the last few weeks before the race as I have been horrendously busy both at work and at home, so was incredibly proud to finish the 5K in 35 minutes. Those close to me will know I am a sprinter, not a long distance runner so have always struggled with these type of events - but in the name of anything charitable I will give it my best shot. Pretty Muddy last year but tough but the obstacles made it somewhat easier in comparison to just running for over 3 miles, but the atmosphere at Regent's Park was electric. Everyone was supporting eachother, strangers were handing out cups of water as you whizzed past and even the football teams playing their 'saturday match' stopped to shout support. It's safe to say I will be taking part again next year hoping to beat my time and finish in under 30 minutes. Roll on 2016... 

Lastly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated to my just giving page, whether it was for this event, in general or the other events I have taken part in. I have now raised over £500 for Cancer Research since last year, and that means we are one step closer to a cure for all cancers. If you would still like to donate please visit my page here.


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