25 Oct 2015


Shirt by H&M, Jumper by AllSaints, Watch c/o: JORD Watches, Jeans by Primark (similar), Shoes by ASOS

I was very excited to receive my Jord watch in the post a few weeks ago as the stand out thing for me was that they're made from wood, which isn't something I've seen before and peaked my interest. They're perfect for every day use and fit every style, from minimalistic to professional. So if you’re looking to stand out a bit, this watch definitely offers something unique! From their collection I made my pick from the Fieldcrest Series - Dark Sandalwood. From first appearance it looks simple, but its only until you look at the finer details you realise the craftsmanship involved in creating this watch. The dark sandalwood casing against the black face and silver accents really make it pop. 

What do you think of watch? If it takes your fancy pop over to Jord watches website and have a browse. If you purchase one make sure you share your wood watches on social media by hashtagging #jordwatch



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