18 Oct 2015

Golf, Wine & Tapas with Monarch

Golf isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I imagine a good night out, but that was before I found out there was a competition as to who could get the longest range and there was tapas and wine tasting involved! Crazy golf was always one of those things me and my friends did on a Saturday afternoon near the seafront when we was bored, and it was safe to say even back then, I had terrible aim. Fast forward 10 years and I was taken to my first driving range to let off steam having been through a rough few months after losing a loved one, and my faith in all things golf was restored... Forwarding to last week and we was at N1 Golf in Greenwich for a stellar night with Monarch Airlines. 

First on the agenda was a glass of champagne and an introduction from some serious golfing pros to teach us the ropes. Having almost perfected my stance, I took aim and... missed. 10 tries later and hey presto I actually hit the ball and got it a whole 105 yards, pretty good for my second time at a range (oh and it was further than Karl's!) With achy limbs and a triumphant spring in my step we headed down to the restaurant on site Vinothec Compass, reserving some of the best tapas London has to offer. We were treated to a selection of seared asan-inspired tuna, chicken potatoes and vegetables and tender lamb chops, all washed down with a selection of the finest beers and wine. 

With full bellies and a huge grin on our faces we said our goodbyes and headed home with a new found determination to beat our best drives! I am certain we will be back in the summer... Thanks to Monarch Airlines for a fantastic evening!


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