6 Aug 2017


Just when I didn't think New York could get any more incredible we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and was greeted with this view. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a MUST if you are visiting New York as you absolutely get the best views of the city and the hudson. Once your across head down the tunnel, then the stairs and turn left and keep walking - you will then stumble across an area of Brooklyn called Dumbo (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) which you will 100% of seen on someone's instagram at some point... 

After taking many failed 'Dumbo Instragram' photos we decided to head for pizza - Grimaldi's to be specific which is the best pizza in Brooklyn (so we are told). With queues as long as the streets there was no way we could hold out, so we strolled back to under the Brooklyn Bridge and found Ignazio's which certainly gives Grimaldi's a run for their money with their Pepperoni Pizza. JUST WOW. 

Once our bellies were full of carby goodness we did the walk back along the Brooklyn Bridge and walked the 15 minutes to the 9/11 Memorial. I came to NYC back in 2004 but my family and I had originally planned to go in 2001 just shortly after the 9/11 attacks so it was really surreal visiting the site of the twin towers, experiencing the beauty of the memorial and also witnessing the enormity of the Freedom Tower. I really cannot explain how it feels when you are at the memorial - it genuinely is one of the most beautiful memorials I have ever seen and also unbelievably sad which made me cry uncontrollably. After debating for a while Karl and I decided despite the heafty price tag we would visit the 9/11 Museum and we were 100% glad we did. 

The museum is located at the World Trade Center site where the Twin Towers stood. Nothing can prepare you for seeing the destruction which was caused on that fateful day and hearing in detail from loved ones as they try and locate family and friends in the towers. I strongly advise you not to listen to the voicemails which were recorded from the second tower saying they are all OK after the first tower was hit. It is the most heartbreaking thing I have had to listen to and the flow of tears was uncontrollable. But as someone who watched the planes crash into the towers from my living room after my first day of secondary school, this is part of our history and I feel I genuinely paid my respects to those who lost their lives and recommend anyone else to visit if they are in NYC.



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